Orta Lake Tour

Start in Orta San Giulio, a charming village right in front of San Giulio Island.
Tour Highlights:
Here the villas look onto the lake with their gardens and berths. The Basilica on the island is rich in frescoes and sculptures. You can take a delightful walk along a road lined with villas and trees, or reach Orta by boat.

It is a picturesque little town, whose houses date from the 14th and 15th century and have stone roofs, granite portals and forged iron balconies and gates. During the guided tour, you will go along the most charming streets, see nice façades, the market place with the ancient town hall, the tower-house, hidden yards and the Parish church. From Orta, you can sail off to San Giulio Island.
You will first sail around the island to see the fronts of the villas and the hidden gardens, then explore the Romanesque Basilica, walk around the Benedictine nunnery, along little lanes lined with villas, parks and gardens. And finally, a visit to the Sacro monte is possible too.

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