Turin Gourmet Tour (3 hours)

Turin Gourmet Tour

Tour on foot to discover Turin’s royal history through some of its typical products and old historic cafés.
* We will start the day by discovering the secrets of artisanal chocolate production in the city: you can’t visit Turin without trying gianduiotti, delicately flavoured hazelnut and dark chocolate delicacies invented in Turin in 1865.
* Not to be missed, especially in the coldest winter days, is a sip of bicerin at one of the elegant historic cafés in the city centre. Bicerin is the traditional hot beverage of Turin, made with coffee, chocolate and cream.
* Our tour will take you also to an old confectioner’s shop founded in 1836, which is a real must in Turin for the production of pralines, Jordan almonds, and candies.
*The final stop will be dedicated to vermouth, a wine aromatized with herbs, spices, barks, flowers, seeds, roots, and fortified with distilled alcohol. Invented in Turin in the 18th century, vermouth was traditionally used for medicinal purposes, then served as an aperitif.
Probably known as a key ingredient in many classic cocktails such as Martini, Manhattan, and Negroni, it has now become very popular and appreciated on its own. Taste some different types of vermouth while enjoying some local snacks like “tramezzini”, the Italian sandwich invented at Caffè Mulassano in 1926.

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